Artificial Intelligence and Biosurfactants

Green, NonToxic, EPA registered, applications

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Rhamnolipids, Elimination of Pathogenic Threats

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Biosurfactants to eliminate pathogenic threats.

Our Artificial Intelligence algorithms can pinpoint:

Our agreement with Decontaminate Inc allows us to determine:
What pathogens are present
How those pathogens can be eliminated, and
What specific application must be used to eliminate those threats.

Below you will find third party periodicals regarding our elimination applications. Biosurfactants, can break apart the cell walls of pathogenic microbes while not harming humans, plants and animals.

  • Biosurfactants A potential new approach towards COVID19

  • Enveloped Viruses and Rhamnolipids

  • Biosurfactants A Covid19 Perspective

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